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Therapy that works.

Experience healing, growth, and change.

A Focus on Feelings

Feelings are the dashboard of human experience. This “dashboard” illuminates critical needs for us to both survive and thrive - but we often struggle to read it! Our E3 therapeutic approach helps you learn to make sense of what you are feeling, understand the various needs they illuminate, and will encourage you to take the necessary actions that lead to healing, growth, and change.

A Focus on Needs

We are incredibly complex and needy creatures. Owning this reality can be extremely difficult and knowing what your needs are is only half the battle. Our E3 therapeutic approach helps you identify and differentiate the diversity of these needs and will equip you with the necessary skills and tools to ensure ALL of your needs are met in healthy and sustainable ways. 

A Focus on Story

Humans make sense of our experiences primarily through our capacity for meaning making and story. Our E3 therapeutic approach helps you develop a deeper understanding of your story and will empower you to live life full of passion, transform pain into purpose, experience meaning-full connections, and successfully live as the hero of your own story, the character you were born to play. 

Three Essentials for Therapy that Works.

Meet the Grey Sky Counseling Team

Chris Byers

Chris Byers


Individual, Couples, & Group Therapist

Brooke Byers

Brooke Byers


Individual, Couples, & Family Therapist

Sara Winnick

Sara Winnick


Individual, Couples, & Group Therapist

Brian Petermeyer

Brian Petermeyer


Individual, Couples, & Group Therapist

Annie Hallquist

Annie Hallquist

MACP Candidate / Clinical Intern

Individual & Group Therapist

What sets us apart?

At Grey Sky Counseling, we personally understand how it feels to believe things will never get better, because life [is] difficult and can feel like an impossible mountain to climb. Now, you don’t have to climb alone.


Each of our therapists have completed robust clinical training and participate in extensive continuing education. And, our team practices what we teach—If we don’t believe in our approach, then why should you?  Therefore, we will never ask you to do something we haven’t already done ourselves.

Too often, we often make life harder than it has to be. It’s been said, “Work smarter, not harder,” but that’s easier said than done.  We don’t believe therapy has to be rocket science. So, we developed a simple and effective therapeutic approach that helps you get unstuck, feel better, and be prepared for the most difficult mountains of life.

Our proven E3 process will encourage a deeper sense of awareness, equip you with the essential tools necessary to feel, think, and act in more healthy and productive ways, and empower you to become the hero in your own story—the character you were born to play.

Three Steps to Healing, Growth, & Change

1. Free Phone Consultation

We offer a free 20-minute phone consultation to hear more about your therapeutic needs and goals and to give you an opportunity to ask questions to determine if Grey Sky Counseling is a good fit for you.

2. Create the Plan

You and your therapist will work collaboratively to clarify your therapeutic needs & goals, identify obstacles that can thwart your process, and help you develop the necessary skills, tools, and actions to successfully navigate your healing journey.

3. Begin the Path to Healing

How do you climb a mountain? One step at a time.  Likewise, the journey towards healing, growth, and change happens one baby step at a time.  We will help you get moving and keep climbing. Now, you don’t have to climb alone. 

What We Offer

Grey Sky Counseling offers a variety of therapeutic services for clients seeking healing, growth & change. Because we believe the therapeutic journey is indeed one of the most purposeful and transformative experiences of a lifetime, our diversity of services allows us to work with a myriad of presenting issues in a variety of relational contexts. 


Individual psychotherapy offers clients a one-on-one therapeutic experience. Through this unique relational and collaborative process, our aim is to provide clients with a safe and encouraging space to speak openly and honestly about their pain and longing for personal healing, growth, and change.


Regardless of how long you have been married, dating, or engaged, couples psychotherapy can be one of the greatest investments two partners can make. This dynamic therapeutic work helps couples develop healthier communication skills that facilitate meaningful connections and profound intimacy.


Of all therapy modalities, group psychotherapy is likely the most misunderstood, underutilized, and transformative forms of therapy. Psychodynamic group work provides clients with a powerful and multidimensional experience that transcends traditional one-on-one therapeutic encounters.


At Grey Sky Counseling, collaboration is integrated into all of our therapeutic services. Collaborative Therapy is a unique systems based approach that focuses on caring well for couples and families. We offer Collaborative Couples Therapy (CCT) and Collaborative Family Therapy (CFT).

Workshops & Intensives

Our workshops and intensives are designed to offer additional time, support, and instruction beyond the standard clinical hour.  We offer a variety of psycho-educative experiences that can jump-start your therapeutic process, supplement existing therapeutic work, and/or demystify and normalize the psychotherapy experience.

What's your mountain?

  • Do you feel stuck and wonder if healing is even possible?

  • Do you struggle with overwhelming feelings to the point of despair?

  • Can your relationship ever recover from the loss of intimacy, betrayal of infidelity, or constant cycle of toxic conflict?

  • Will you ever be free from compulsive or addictive behaviors?

  • Have you ever wondered “What’s wrong with me,” or “Does life have to be this hard?”


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